Holidays at the Baltic Sea

Unforgettable holidays
in comfortable cottages at the seaside

Do you like the moment when, after a longer or shorter journey, you stand on the beach, you can feel warm sand under your feet, and you can see the vastness of blue and water in front of you?

This is when you can say:


And this is just the beginning…


The Baltic Sea is delightful – always, because the Baltic Sea is the beginning of an unforgettable vacation.


We put our four houses on the map of child-friendly places.

Cottages with terraces, from which you can watch children running around the green area, joyfully jumping on a huge trampoline built into the ground, diving in the pool, building sand castles, flying sky-high on swings or sliding down on super-fast roller slides.


Jezioro Wicko - 0,8 km

Morze Bałtyckie - 2 km

Jarosławiec - 2,5 km

Ustka - 26 km

Kopań - 15 km

Darłówko - 19 km


The house is a place to rest – comfortable, convenient and safe. It is not only a marina where you can spend the night, but above all a relaxation and respite zone.

You will find everything you need in our small houses. A spacious living room with a sofa and TV, a large family table – perfect for lazy morning breakfasts or evening dinners, where you can tell endless stories about the adventures of the past day. A kitchen in which you can conjure up seaside specialties from local products or prepare your favorite family snacks. Two bedrooms with beds with comfortable mattresses and bedding in the color of the sea waves.