Explore the coast by traveling by electric car

rent vehicle

Meleks MINI

a four-seater vehicle

Meleks MAX

a vehicle for six people

The rental shop is located at the lighthouse in Jarosławiec, at the main intersection.

It is possible to deliver electric cars to the selected address – after prior reservation.

The rental will be launched soon. We are bravely working on preparing a photo report of the proposed works.

Please come back soon.

See you in Jarosławiec!

Proposed  routes

Jarosławiec – Wicie

a picturesque route along the seaside leading to a small holiday resort. The area of the Wicie village is a part of the Koszalin Coastal Belt – a protected area.

Length of the route – 7 km

Estimated time to complete the route – 20 minutes

Jarosławiec – Naćmierz

there is a Museum in Stary Młyn, where a rich collection of items from the past has been made available in an unusual setting. The first records of the building date back to the 17th century.

Length of the route – 4 km

Estimated time to complete the route – 10 minutes


a place where you can see Galeria Rybacka. In a specially prepared Fisherman’s Chamber, you can see here what the daily life of sea people looked like at a given time. Visitors can learn about the types of nets used to catch specific species of fish, as well as see collections of ship lamps, life jackets, lifebuoys and rafts, maps, compasses, compasses, wind gauges and elements of fishing boats extracted from the seabed.

Length of the route – 2.5 km

Estimated time to complete the route – 6 minutes

Jarosławiec – Łącko

route around Lake Wicko.

Route length – 5.5 km

Estimated time of completing the route – 15 minutes

Jarosławiec – Kopań

a wonderful scenic route, on one side we can admire the panorama of Kopań Lake, on the other side there is a view of the sea. One of the wildest and least frequented beaches in Poland.

Length of the route – 12 km

Estimated time to cover the route – 30 minutes

Jarosławiec – Darłówko

a cult place on the map of the west coast, it is worth seeing a port with an opening bridge and a lighthouse located right at the mouth of the Wieprza river.

Length of the route – 16 km

Estimated time to complete the route – 45 minutes